Affiliate marketing secrets
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Have you ever wondered why one fails and the other succeeds in affiliate marketing? The answer isn’t that straight. However, there is something that successful do and failures don’t.

Here are the affiliate marketing secrets that help you stay on the right track. Obviously, this won’t make you a full-time affiliate marketer overnight. But, keeping these things in mind while making decisions for your affiliate business will surely make you reach there one day.

#1 Costumers Seek the Value

Why would anyone buy something through your affiliate links? The simple answer is they’re getting some form of value in return. And value doesn’t always have a physical form.

Have a look at your affiliate site, all the blog posts you’ve published, and all the affiliate links you’ve included. Now, ask yourself how is my website making someone’s life better or how is it going to change someone’s life.

Customers don’t pay for a product, they pay for the value it has to offer.

As an affiliate marketer, you’re selling through content. That’s why before creating any content always ask yourself what type of value do I have to offer this time.

Successful affiliate marketers understand what their users want. They’re successful because they always have something valuable to offer to their audience.

How are you providing value? Is it by-

  • teaching a skill;
  • helping to make the correct decisions, accomplish, or understand something;
  • giving a valuable product;
  • forming the right habit;
  • mentoring or guiding;
  • solving a problem.

Have you yet made a list of ways you’re giving value to your targeted audience? If yes, read the list. Are your successfully able to provide the value you want to? What’s stopping you?

If it’s a no, then you should stop everything and make the list now.

A few things you can do to make your affiliate marketing website more valuable are as follows.

  • Make everything relevant
  • Never exaggerate anything
  • Be honest
  • Focus on the quality
  • Find weaknesses in your competitors and make them your strengths
  • Make yourself your own customer

Make everything relevant applies to every affiliate link you have, blog posts you publish, and topics you discuss on your website. Never put affiliate links, publish blog posts and discuss topics that are irrelevant to the main theme.

For example, the main theme of this post that you’re reading right now is to discuss important affiliate marketing secrets with you. I surely don’t want to put anything in this post that’s not about affiliate marketing such as C programming.

Be honest with any product you promote. Work to get the trust of your audience rather than making short-term money. Furthermore, never try to push any products to your audience.

Make yourself your own customer means think and act like your customers to make decisions.

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#2 Don’t Depend on a Single Thing

What do you mean? What type of thing? You may ask. Well, it means don’t depend on a single:

  • Traffic source
  • Method of promotion
  • Income source
  • Affiliate product/program
  • Affiliate marketing strategy
  • Technique

In other words, diversify everything. But, you have to be very careful here. The two words “diversify everything” are confusing and sometimes misleading. You don’t want to go multiniche unless being successful with one. You don’t want to diversify your audience right at the beginning instead of targeting a narrow audience. But, you surely want to diversify the things listed above.

The major traffic sources for an affiliate site are Google, Social Media, Forums, Backlinks, Email, and ads. I like to ask you one thing: are you taking benefit of all these or do you just focus on one?

A lot of positive points such as high converting, passive, and huge traffic make Google an ideal traffic source.  But, that’s not the only traffic source. You should use all the sources available to bring traffic to your affiliate site.

Similarly, there are a variety of methods to promote an affiliate marketing business such as outreach, social media, ads, forums, influencers, getting viral, search engine, etc. You should never depend on a single method of promotion.

Don’t depend on a single income source means, diversify your affiliate marketing business by increasing your presence on the internet. You can start YouTube affiliate marketing, for instance.

Don’t afraid to promote any new affiliate products that are more beneficial for both you and your audience.

Moreover, try out new affiliate marketing strategies and techniques. The key point is never depend on a single method.

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#3 Larger Email List Equals More Income

How do you get traffic to your affiliate site? Is it through Google, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Forums, Directories, Email, Referring, or ads? How many of these traffic sources do you own?

The only one that you own is the traffic from email. In the case of YouTube, subscribers are your audience. Similarly, in the case of an affiliate site, email subscribers are your audience.

The larger your audience is, the higher your income will be. Having a large email list has the following benefits.

  • Highly targeted traffic with a higher conversion rate
  • More affiliate sales
  • Get visitors to your site whenever  you want
  • A larger email list means higher authority & influence
  • Get the audience to promote any new offer/blog post
  • Get a lot of subscribers to your YouTube channel on the first day of starting
  • Comparatively, less expensive and easy to manage an email list

Now, let me tell you a few ways to build an email list easily from the traffic you’re already getting on your website.

Content Upgrade. Suppose you’re writing an article about “the 15 must-watch movies in life”.  You’ll, of course, make a list of 15 movies. But, for the sake of collecting email addresses, you’ll show the last 5 only after submitting an email address. You can do this for every blog post you publish on your affiliate site.

PDFs. Make a PDF version of every blog post you publish on your website. For those who want to read an article later or want it offline, they will submit their email address and get the PDF version.

Freebies. You can create eBooks, training, or courses and give them to your website visitors in exchange for their email addresses. Similarly, you can give other digital or physical products for the email address. In the long term, you can make more money than the cost of freebies you’ve used.

Popups. Adding non-distractive popups and sidebars also helps you to get more email addresses. Be sure you’re not distracting or irritating users through popups and sidebars. This is my least favorite method to build an email list.

Increasing the quality of your content. Quality content motivates users to subscribe to your newsletter. Make sure every item on your affiliate website is epic.

Encourage to Comment. People comment on a blog post if they find it very helpful with some exceptions. You can collect email addresses from the comment form by making an email must.

Free tool. It is the best way to build a large email list. You can either create a free tool or make a limited free version of a premium tool. You can also give free membership to a tool for a limited time in exchange for an email address.

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#4 Don’t Underestimate the Power of YouTube

YouTube is the world’s largest video streaming site and the second largest search engine. As an affiliate marketing business owner, you want to leverage the power of YouTube.

Billions of people actively watch videos on YouTube every single day.  The video creators on YouTube are people like you and me. Anyone can publish videos on YouTube for free.

You can easily send the YouTube users to your affiliate site with the help of videos. If you work on a YouTube channel you can get huge traffic to your site for free. Organically, after Google, YouTube could be the greatest traffic source for your affiliate site.

Moreover, working on a YouTube channel helps you to increase the brand awareness of your affiliate marketing business. You can get exposure to a huge YouTube audience.

Similarly, it helps you to build a large audience. The number of subscribers on YouTube is like an email list. Every time you have something new to offer, you can easily promote it to your subscribers through a video.

Furthermore, having your presence on YouTube helps you to build authority and brand trust. Most people prefer watching videos rather than reading a blog post. And the number is increasing every day.

Not having a presence on YouTube means you’re missing a lot of customers for your affiliate products.

At the same time, you can increase your affiliate marketing income by directly promoting products on YouTube. Read more about YouTube affiliate marketing.

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#5 Promotion is the Most Important of All

Promotion is the most important part of a successful affiliate marketing business journey. Without promotion, a business in competition rarely grows.

You might have the best content on the web, but, nobody is going to consume it if you don’t promote it. There is competition in every affiliate marketing niche. If you don’t promote your brand, you’ll never be able to beat your competitors.

Suppose you’re creating a lot of content on a new website but aren’t doing anything to promote it. Can you think of any ways you can get traffic to your site without any kind of promotion?

You may say Google. But, there’s already a lot of content online that Google will never trust a site with no authority to show in top search results. If you keep creating content for years, Google might rank your website for some long queries with low search volume.

What I’m trying to say is it will take years for an affiliate site to generate income if you never promote it. Therefore, promotion is compulsory.

Now let’s look at some of the ways to promote your affiliate site.

Social Media. You can use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to promote an affiliate site. You can either run ads or do it for free. Be active on some Facebook Groups, add more friends, and increase Twitter followers to promote your brand for free. You can also use other social media such as Linkedin and Pinterest.

YouTube Channel. I’ve already talked a lot about it in the previous heading. It’s a great method to promote a brand.

Forums. Niche forums and Q&A sites like Quora can be used to promote your site. Join a few forums in your niche and start answering questions on Quora.

Outreach. You can reach out to influencers and other individuals in your industry to let them know that your brand exists.

Google Ads. If you have a budget, you can run Google ads to promote your affiliate site, get affiliate sales and increase brand awareness.

YouTube Ads. Similar to Google Ads, you can run YouTube ads. These are much cheaper.

Partnership. You can collaborate with other individuals in your industry to create content, get interviews, organize events, create digital products, etc.

Influencer. You can find influencers in your industry to promote your business. You can either pay them or convince them to do it for free.

Promotion is a skill like other affiliate marketing skills that you can learn.

#6 Quantity of Blog Posts Matters

You must have heard a lot of times that quality is more important than quantity. Does that mean quantity doesn’t matter? Of course not.

You should create as many blog posts as possible without compromising the quality. Quantity doesn’t matter only when there’s no quality. So, always create higher quality content.

10 times more blog posts mean 10 times more opportunities to earn, grow, get traffic and build authority.

The three things given below are most important for any affiliate marketing site to grow and earn income.

  1. Quality
  2. Quantity
  3. Promotion

All these three things refer to the content published on your website.

Let’s assume two affiliate marketing sites with every factor being the same except the number of blog posts. The one with the higher number of blog posts will:

  • Earn more
  • Have higher authority
  • Grow faster
  • Have more traffic/audience

That’s why get rid of the belief that quantity doesn’t matter.


You must have learned a lot of things from the above affiliate marketing secrets.

If you follow all the things you have learned from this article, you can have an affiliate marketing site that earns you a living. Remember, implementation is more important than learning. Learning alone can never help you. You have to take into action what you’ve learned.

If you want to know the top affiliate marketing strategies for a successful affiliate marketing site, you should join the BuzRef community now.

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