Affiliate Marketing Skills
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Affiliate marketing has the potential to earn you a full-time income. But, you need to have some essential skills to succeed.

Each day a lot of people start an affiliate website in the hope to make some bucks, but unfortunately, only a few of them are able to do that.

The greatest reason why someone fails to achieve something is ignorance or lack of required skills. Sooner or later, a skilled person manages to get whatever s/he is up to.

In this article, I’ve listed out the 10 important affiliate marketing skills. You can learn all of them yourself or find someone who knows.

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Now, let’s start with our list.

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#1 Content Writing

Content Writing is an essential skill for an affiliate marketer. In the absence of this skill, any other efforts you put in to grow your affiliate site won’t work.

Good content promotes itself, converts more, and gives you consistent income.

To form good writing skills, consistent practice is necessary. You aren’t going to be an expert in a month.

You also need to be better at Grammar. A decent vocabulary is also important.

If you are a non-native speaker, you first need to be fluent in the language. After that, you can further learn writing techniques.

The goal is not to be a world-class writer but to be able to create content that engages users and motivates them to read more.

A few things that you can learn to brush up on your writing skills are:

  • Content research
  • Storytelling techniques
  • Grammar & Vocabulary
  • Content writing techniques

Moreover, do the following things to be a better content writer for affiliate marketing.

  • Use shorter sentences & paragraphs
  • Use small words. Using big words doesn’t make you a good writer. Remember, you’re writing for an affiliate marketing website. Most of your users are non-native to English.
  • Trim any unnecessary or filler words
  • Be an audience-centric writer
  • Format content as you’re writing for a single person
  • Use “I” instead of “we” when referring to yourself

Think like a marketer while writing content. Ask yourself how a reader will feel while reading the article.

Learn more about how to write content for affiliate marketing.

#2 Researching

Researching is an important skill for affiliate marketing. It helps you to create better content, analyze competition, and learn new skills.

No matter how experienced you are. You can’t know everything. For things you don’t know, how would you research it is important. That’s where researching skills are important.

When you’re writing a blog post for your affiliate marketing website you need to research keywords, content, competition, and market. If you find something your competitor is doing that you don’t know, you’ll need to research that and learn.

How well you learn something new is also dependent on how well you research.

In-depth research is needed when you choose a niche for your affiliate marketing website. Pick up a wrong niche and you’ll struggle to grow.

It is required while:

  • Creating content
  • Building strategies
  • Choosing a niche
  • Launching a new marketing campaign
  • Building backlinks
  • Spending on ads
  • Hiring a freelancer
  • Choosing a product to purchase or promote

Whatever you are up to, you need research prior to doing it or making any decisions.

So, how will you learn this invaluable skill?

Researching doesn’t have a particular type. You’ll have to learn to research for every different situation. For example, if you want to find an affiliate product that converts higher and has less competition, you’ll have to do your research for it.

You get better at research with time. Just make the habit of researching before doing anything important or making a decision.

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#3 Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine is the most ideal traffic source for any affiliate marketing website because of the following reasons.

  • The traffic converts better
  • It’s a passive source of traffic
  • Huge traffic can be obtained
  • It’s completely free
  • It’s used to search every type of content on the web by all internet users
  • Highly targeted traffic can be obtained

You can get this type of traffic to your affiliate website through search engine optimization. It includes manipulating the parts of your website so that the site ranks higher on a search engine such as Google.

Search Engine Optimization is a skill that every affiliate marketer needs to have.

I’m not going to teach you this skill as you can find tons of resources to learn it from a simple Google search. As per the scope of this article, my goal is to tell you how important it is.

The theoretical part of this skill can be learned in a few days. But it takes years of experience to master it.

The problem with this skill is it becomes obsolete. You need to be updated. What you learn today won’t work after five years.

Combined with some other skills, search engine optimization has the potential to make a multimillion business from a $50 affiliate marketing website.

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#4 Persuasion Skill

A successful affiliate marketing business needs a variety of skills. Persuasion skill is one of them.

Persuasion means making a visitor ready to buy something using your affiliate link.

You probably have written at least one article for affiliate marketing. I want you to read it once and point out the reasons why would somebody buy anything from the affiliate link you have put in it.

Nobody would click every affiliate link you put on your website. They only click when they find a need for urgency.  Persuasion skill makes you able to create the urgency needed to convert a visitor into a customer.

I’ve found that some affiliate marketers force affiliate products on their users. Some even beg for a click. Persuasion doesn’t mean begging or forcing.

It means making users feel like they can’t skip purchasing the product through the affiliate link on your website.

Here, two points are worth noting:

  1. Giving prospects enough reason to buy
  2. Creating a sense of urgency

Well, you told the users how good the product is. But, if you can’t make them buy now through your affiliate link, you may not get the commission you deserve.

Another important thing is never to overdo it. Exaggerating any product makes it feel like a scam. Make sure your website visitors feel that you’re there to help them, not to make money.

You can learn some persuasion techniques. Furthermore, you get better at this skill with experience.

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#5 Networking & Relationship Building

No doubt, a person with a huge network succeed faster in almost everything. To make the affiliate marketing business easier, faster, and long term, networking & relationship-building skills are super important.

The network increases with relationship building. This skill helps you to:

  • get more sales and traffic;
  • grow and expand your business;
  • execute plans and campaigns;
  • promote your business;
  • get people for partnership;
  • generate more revenue;
  • be an authority;

When I’m talking about relationship building, I’m referring to both the people working in a similar industry and your customers.

It helps to increase brand trust, which gives a long-term benefit to any business.

A good start to increase network and build the relationship is to start collecting email addresses or phone numbers (with consent) of your website visitors and those working in the same industry.

Later you can contact them and build relationships gradually. Don’t ask for anything right in the first email. Take time to be familiar and build trust. It would be better if you give something before asking for anything bigger.

People partner with others to share value. So, contact anyone only when you have something valuable to share.

Send an email of appreciation to those who have recently bought something using your affiliate link. Show your customers/users how much you care about them.

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#6 Photo Editing/Designing

You may ask why photo editing/designing is a necessary skill for affiliate marketing. Well, this skill has a lot to do with affiliate marketing.

You rarely find any article making money from affiliate marketing that lacks any images. The world has already moved from blog posts with stacks of long paragraphs using tiny fonts.

Today to make money creating content you need to make it visually appealing and user friendly.

Images have the ability to make the boring text interesting. Of course, you can use stock photos. But, the problem is a lot of people are using the exact same images. You will lose in the flood of content if you can’t stand out.

Custom images make your website unique and distinguish it from others. That’s why having photo editing/designing skills are important.

Sometimes you can use stock images after editing to match your theme. Other times, you need to design custom images such as charts and illustrations.

Again, you don’t need to be an expert designer to succeed in affiliate marketing. But, basic skill is needed.

Simply, knowing Photoshop makes you very productive. You can use vector images to create custom photos using this tool.

#7 Marketing Skills

When it comes to earning money, marketing skills are somehow involved. Affiliate marketing is no exception.

How you’re going to promote or sell products is affected by your marketing skill. Better at it means more sales and conversions.

Marketing is involved everywhere; while creating content, building affiliate marketing strategies, choosing the right products to promote, designing a website, building strategies for promotion, etc.

You don’t need to be an expert in marketing to succeed in affiliate marketing. If you can understand your users and provide them what they expect from you, you’re good to go.

Marketing also makes you able to promote your affiliate website and grow your business. All efforts you put in to get traffic to your site need marketing skills.

Learn the following things about marketing.

  • Selling affiliate products
  • Choosing products to promote
  • Promoting affiliate marketing content
  • Bringing traffic to a website
  • Other digital marketing skills such as email & social media
  • Building affiliates marketing strategies
  • Optimizing website for better user experience
  • Increasing affiliate marketing conversion rate

Marketing is a very broad topic. Affiliate marketing itself is a branch of marketing. But, you don’t need to learn everything about it. Simply learn what’s listed above.

#8 Data Analysis

Today’s world is the world of data. There’s data everywhere. Every small to big decision is made based on the data available. Decisions made without analyzing data can cause huge losses.

Data Analysis is a must-have skill for any person looking for a career in affiliate marketing.

If you have installed Google Analytics on your website, you must have seen a lot of data coming in. How do you interpret the data and use it to make the decisions? How many times have you changed your strategies after checking the data?

You’ll only know what’s working and what’s not only from analyzing the data. It’s important to track the data for everything you do to grow your business. It’s even more important to launch the next campaign or build a strategy after analyzing the previous data.

You should make yourself able to read data and make the correct decisions.

#9 Technical Skills

You need to have technical skills such as managing a website, and setting up/using different tools.

As an affiliate marketer, you’ll have to use different tools to perform various necessary tasks. You can learn each tool separately. For example, as a webmaster, you may have to set up Google Analytics on your website and use it to increase productivity.

Nobody is born techie. You can learn every technology you may need. If you’re new to affiliate marketing learn the following.

  • Setting up a website
  • WordPress (if you build your website using it)
  • Performing technical SEO
  • Using & Setting up Google Analytics and Search Console
  • Signing up with affiliate programs and using affiliate links
  • Using tools like Keyword Planner
  • Photo Editing (as mentioned earlier)
  • HTML

These are the basic technical skills you can learn initially. Later, you can learn whatever and whenever is necessary.

You don’t need to be techy but curious. A curious person learns anything faster. Moreover, only learn things that are necessary. A wise person doesn’t waste time learning unnecessary things. If you aren’t going to use something, there’s no point learning it.

#10 Discipline

Don’t you think discipline is a skill? Well, it can be learned through practice. All you need is willpower and a will to change.

Continuous learning is necessary to succeed in affiliate marketing. However, learning alone is not enough. You have to take action. You need to be disciplined for that.

Sometimes, we don’t do what’s needed to be done (such as writing an article or reaching out to new people) because of our laziness. We feel lazy while doing boring tasks. Discipline is all about getting things done regardless of the mood.

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