Describe your past experience in affiliate marketing
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Describe your past experience in affiliate marketing. This is the question most of the new affiliate marketers ask any successful person in this field in hope of knowing something that they can also follow to reach the same point.

You may not believe but before, 4 of my affiliate sites were completely failed. However, I have also experienced success with one of my sites that I sold later. I’ve experienced both success and failure in it.

In the journey, I’ve learned a lot of things. What I’ve found is that most newbies do things ignorantly that are not supposed to be done and avoid important things.

I’m sure you will find this blog post helpful. With new affiliate marketers in mind, below I’ve shared things that I’ve learned from my past experience.

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10 Lessons I’ve Learned from my Past Experience in Affiliate Marketing

Below are the 10 mistakes I did in my past and you should avoid them to succeed in affiliate marketing.

Consuming More than Doing

It’s easier to make a habit of reading blog posts and watching videos on YouTube about blogging, affiliate marketing, ranking, getting traffic, and everything. But what we don’t like to do is implementing what we learn. This is a big mistake.

The reason why we don’t implement is that it’s hard to work but easier to convince oneself that I’ll succeed by reading a blog post.

Laziness will bring you a failure but never success.

I appreciate that you are reading this blog post. But do more than you learn.

It’s important to make a balance between what we learn and implement. Find out how many blog posts or videos you read or watched yesterday, and how much you learned from them.  Now, think about how many things you have implemented out of them. If you are like the old me, I’m sure you consumed way more than you actually did.

Get rid of this habit today. You are just wasting your time heading nowhere. There is a lot of competition out there online. You will only succeed if you work more than your competitor.

I had also done this mistake. I used to watch and read every video and blog post of top bloggers and affiliate marketers. I learned a lot from them but never got any results unless I realized that learning alone is never enough.

What I learned is “learning without doing is just a waste of time”.

Choosing the Easy Path

What’s easier: creating a lot of content or building backlinks? If you ask me I’d say creating content is ten times easier.

But most beginners never try to build backlinks or do any kind of promotion only because it takes a lot of work. They just publish blog posts one after another.

Some people do not even bother to post consistently, still hope to earn money.

If you don’t do the work or choose an easy path, success will never be a reality.  

Many newbies spend most of their time searching for shortcuts instead of doing the necessary work.

It will never be easy to earn a passive income through affiliate marketing. However, if you are committed to doing every legit thing possible to grow your affiliate business, it won’t be as hard as we think it is. It’s just a matter of time and effort you put.

Targeting a Huge Audience

This is the mistake I did with my first affiliate site. I used to think that the more people I target the more traffic I will get and hence more sales and money.

But, this is far from the truth.  When you are just starting, the reverse happens. Targeting a huge audience means targeting no one in particular.

Targeting a huge audience causes the following problems:

  • Harder to engage a user. It is hard to create a lot of content on a broad topic that’s necessary to satisfy a user. At the same time, it’s not easy to write unique content about a broad topic. When you can’t engage users, you can never convert them. Hence no sales and revenue.
  • Harder to rank on Google. There is a lot of competition on the internet especially when it comes to ranking on Google. In a broader topic, you’ll only find big brands on the first page of search results. A new website doesn’t have enough authority to compete with those big names. If everything was done correctly, it’d take years to be able to rank for any broad topic.

That’s why always choose narrow topics that have low competition on Google.

Going Multi Niche

From my experience, I can say that this is the most common mistake beginners do in affiliate marketing. It is one of the reasons why you can’t succeed.

Any business (online or offline) should have a business goal. For example, the goal of Buzref is to teach and guide beginners about affiliate marketing. The targeted audience is the beginners (who are about to start or just started) in affiliate marketing.

So, instead of trying to write about random topics, I should write something that new affiliate marketers want to read.

Now ask yourself, what is the goal of your affiliate business and who is your targeted audience?

As I said previously, it’s harder to rank on Google and engage users when you write about something too broad. It’s even harder when you go multi-niche.

Therefore, choose a single narrow topic and avoid the failure that I’ve experienced.

Short Term Mentality

Most newbies spend most of their time on social media, forums, Q&A sites, and different communities to promote the blog post they have just published.

The problem with this approach is that it will not help in the growth of your affiliate business. The traffic you get this way is short-term. It fades away when you stop promoting.

Also, you won’t get quality traffic from social media or forums. It rarely converts.

Instead of working for short-term traffic, you should focus on long-term growth and passive traffic. It is only possible when your website ranks on Google search results.

So, spend your time building relationships with influencers and other bloggers. It will help you to build backlinks and we all know how important backlinks are for ranking.


It is certainly related to short-term mentality, but the fact that spamming is the primary source of traffic for many new affiliate marketers that deserves to have its own heading.

You may get the instant traffic that rarely converts from spamming, but you are closing the doors of growth.

Spam only if you are okay doing it the rest of your life as an affiliate marketer. One thing is sure that you will never rank on Google. You may already understand that how important ranking is if you want to earn passive income through affiliate marketing.

Moreover, nobody likes spammers. No communities or social media groups tolerate spammers.

Instead of spamming, you can put your time and effort into building relationships with other bloggers and creating high-quality content. This won’t give you traffic like spamming but will surely help you in the future.

Not Building Backlinks

If you are blogging or doing affiliate marketing, you must know the value of showing up on the first page of Google.

Google is the best source of:

  1. Free
  2. Consistent
  3. Quality
  4. Highly targeted

traffic. You’ll get this traffic to your website only when your website is on the first page of the search result.

High-quality backlinks are responsible for any webpage to show up on the first page of Google search results.

I can say from my past experience in affiliate marketing that without backlinks it is super hard to rank for any keyword with business value.

Quitting Soon

How long have you been doing affiliate marketing?

Most people never succeed only because they quit too soon. If you really want to make affiliate marketing/blogging your career, be committed to working super hard for a year without expecting anything in return.

I’ve experienced that the first year is the hardest but when you consistently put efforts to grow your website, you surely succeed one day.

It’s not just about blogging/affiliate marketing but everything in life. It takes time to succeed.

Unlike a job, you can’t earn from the first month, unless you are not doing something with zero competition. That’s why many people prefer a secure job over a business.

Not Having a Plan for Content Creation and Promotion

Planning is very important no matter what you do. A planned affiliate marketing business looks completely different from an unplanned one.

You should have a plan for what and when to create content, as well as, how to promote it.

What I have experienced is that without a plan it’s hard to be consistent, things become random; one week publish a post other week don’t; one day promote a content another day just do some random work on designing.

If this sounds familiar, make a plan now for content creation and promotion.

Not Collecting Email List

What would happen if Google removed your website from its index? Your website’s passive traffic will become zero instantaneously. You can’t completely control Google. It can remove your website from its index anytime it suspects anything wrong about your site.

In the contrast, an email list is something you own. You can get traffic whenever you want. The conversion rate is higher from email marketing than from another source of traffic.

If you aren’t building your email list, start now, otherwise, you are losing revenue.


I shared 10 mistakes in my affiliate marketing journey that you should avoid. From my experience, I can say that anyone who does one or more of the above-mentioned mistakes is likely to struggle to see expected results.

What other mistakes do you think a new affiliate marketer should avoid? Let me know in the comments.

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