Pros and cons of affiliate marketing
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Affiliate marketing is a great passive income source and easy-to-start online business. Thousands of new affiliate sites are created each day, which makes it very competitive.

If you want to start it, you should be aware of its pros and cons that are given below.

Affiliate marketing can be a passive income source for you. A lot of content creators and influencers use it to earn money. You can also make your living from it.The greatest demerit of affiliate marketing is competition. It’s a very competitive industry. Thousands of new affiliate sites are created every day throughout the world.
Once you start to make money from affiliate marketing you can outsource all of your work. You’re then free to do whatever you want.Affiliate marketing is time-consuming. It takes a lot of time to make a full-time income. If you don’t spend money, it can take more than a year to be a professional affiliate marketer.
It helps you to build authority on the internet. People start to follow you and listen to whatever you say.It needs hard work. If you don’t work hard, it’s nearly impossible to succeed because there’s always someone ready to take your place.
Once you start to make enough money, you can create your own products and launch an affiliate program. This way you can increase your income.Affiliate marketing has a higher failure rate. More than 90% of new affiliate marketers fail due to various reasons.
It helps you to build a network. You get familiar with influencers and other people in your industry. Moreover, a lot of people will know you.You need to create a solid strategy to succeed. Failing to do so increases your chances of failure.
A large number of followers can be obtained if you’re a successful affiliate marketer.It does need investments. You can start affiliate marketing for $20, but, if you really want to get the expected results, you need to invest in your business. Getting success in a business without investing a single dollar is just theoretical, which is rare in practice.
You can use the existing audience to promote your other businesses, or you can even start a new one and grow it easily.Affiliate marketing can be boring if you don’t like any of the required skills such as content writing, marketing, networking, SEO, etc.
The greatest benefit you get from affiliate marketing is financial freedom. You make money even while sleeping.For some reason, if you fail, you’ll end up wasting a lot of precious time that can be used in something productive.
Compared to most businesses, the affiliate marketing business grows faster.You may lose money on ads if your affiliate site is not optimized correctly. Moreover, if you fail, all the money you spend on tools is wasted.
You get the pride of owning a business, which never comes by doing someone’s job.Affiliate marketing is about promoting and selling others’ products and services. This is cool as you get a commission for every sale. But, you don’t get the 100% of the profit, which would happen if you had your own products/services.
As a small business owner, affiliate marketing increases your value in the world.It is performance-based marketing, which means you only get paid when you generate sales. You don’t get paid for promotion, which is not interesting as you put your heart and soul into promoting a brand.
The far you go the farther you see. Once you succeed in affiliate marketing you’ll see a lot of other opportunities to establish other businesses.You need to learn a variety of skills such as content creation, marketing, SEO, networking, photo/video editing, persuasion, data analysis, technical, etc. which is time-consuming and boring.
Like a lot of businesses, you can give some percentage of your profit to charity. This helps you to increase sales, and at the same time, it makes you a philanthropist.It is very hard to get traffic to your affiliate site or any other affiliate channel. Many new affiliate marketers struggle with it. You need to put a lot of effort to get visitors to your site.
Affiliate marketing needs significantly less investment than most businesses. You can even start it for free.Forget about freedom- if you are working alone you have to work more than 10 hours a day unless you can outsource everything. And, it takes time to make enough money to outsource everything.
The business is very easy to start. Even a noob can start it and become successful without having any expertise in anything particular.If you’re doing a job, you’ll get a paycheck every month regardless of how hard you’re working. But, in the case of affiliate marketing, you’re responsible to make or break your business. You have to work with everything you have inside even if you’re not making money.
Affiliate marketing is a multi-billion industry, which means it’s possible to grab a significant portion of its market and establish a billion-dollar business.You may have to struggle to make your affiliate marketing business different from your competitors.
You don’t need a college degree to do affiliate marketing. Any person can learn the necessary skills from the internet and make money.Affiliate marketing gives different results for different niches. Even if you put the same efforts into two niches, you may not make the same income.
You don’t need to be an expert in marketing or any other field. Basic knowledge is enough to take off an affiliate marketing business from the ground. Later, you can get experts to work for you.You need to be dependent upon others (such as affiliate networks and search engines) to generate revenue for your business. If you break any of their policies even by mistake, they may ban you, which can significantly affect your revenue.
You can start affiliate marketing as a secondary income source. You don’t need to quit what you’re already doing. You can do it as a part-time job.You don’t have control over affiliate programs. You put a lot of effort to send visitors to merchants. If the landing pages on merchants’ websites aren’t optimized, all your efforts will go to waste.
Another great merit of affiliate marketing is the flexibility to work. You can work from anywhere in the world at any time. You decide the time and place. You’re not bound to a 9 to 5 job.A user has to leave your site to get to the merchant. This is not good for your brand even if you make money from commissions.
You don’t need to have your own products and worry about customer service. You can earn money by promoting someone else’s products.It is also possible that someone might hijack your affiliate links. In such a case, you won’t get paid but the hijacker. This happens rarely, but, there’s a possibility.
There’s no limit on how much you can earn and grow in affiliate marketing. With consistency, you can create a multimillion business.If you mistakenly promote a bad product, you’ll lose the trust of your audience, which is one of the worst cases.
Knowledge is power. In the affiliate marketing journey, you get a lot of opportunities to learn new things that you can rarely learn from books. It makes you a better person.There’s no certainty in affiliate marketing. You may lose a big portion of your revenue overnight in some cases such as being penalized by search engines, the affiliate site gets hacked, a bad reputation occurred because of a merchant, etc.
You can easily pull out surveys and studies to your audience, which helps you to make better decisions.Creating your own product or affiliate program is expensive
Affiliate marketing has higher income potential. 
You have a huge marketplace to choose a variety of products to promote. You can find better and more valuable products that have higher commissions. 
Another great thing about affiliate marketing is that you can choose a niche you’re interested in and passionate about. If you like a computer, choose it as your niche. If you like basketball a lot, select it as your affiliate marketing niche. 
The site you created for affiliate marketing can also be monetized in a lot of other ways such as sponsored posts, ads, paid content, etc. 
You can work with multiple affiliate programs or networks at the same time. 
As a small business owner, you’ll be able to provide jobs to others. 
Affiliate marketing makes you able to help others to make purchase decisions. 
Affiliate marketers are free to promote any products they want. They have the power to make an unknown product the best-selling in the market. 

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