Types of affiliate marketing
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Affiliate marketing is of five types. They are divided based on how they are done. The strategies used are different for all five, however, the goal and the core concepts are similar.

Let’s describe each of these in their own heading.

#1 Blog Affiliate Marketing (BAM)

Affiliate marketing done through a blog is known as Blog Affiliate Marketing, BAM in short. It is the most popular type.

You need a website to do BAM. You have to create blog posts within a niche in a consistent manner. After publishing a considerable number of blog posts on the website, it can be monetized through affiliate marketing.

By joining affiliate programs/networks you can generate affiliate links for the products you want to promote. The affiliate links can be placed in the blog posts. If the blog posts are getting visitors, then someone might buy the affiliate products using those links.

The important thing to note is you need to build an audience to whom you can promote affiliate products.

BAM is very beneficial as it generally has higher conversion rates. If more products are being sold, more profit can be generated. Furthermore, multiple affiliate products can be promoted strategically in single blog posts to increase your revenue. You need to optimize your website for multiple affiliate programs.

An affiliate blog can grow over time and earn more money for you. If you persistently put the effort into your blog, it can turn into a large business in the long run. Moreover, you can create your own products and launch an affiliate program.

On the other hand, BAM is super competitive. There are more than 450 million blogs in the world, and more than 84% of them are monetized through affiliate marketing. That’s why it takes a lot of time and energy to grow a blog into a successful affiliate marketing business.

If you have the affiliate marketing skills such as content writing and researching, BAM is for you.

#2 Video Affiliate Marketing (VAM)

Affiliate marketing done through videos is known as Video Affiliate Marketing, VAM in short. It is the second most popular type after BAM.

YouTube is the best platform to do VAM as it is the most popular video search engine and streaming platform in the world.

A lot of video creators on YouTube are using affiliate marketing to monetize their videos. Refer to this YouTube affiliate marketing guide to learn further.

To do VAM, you need to select a niche and start a YouTube channel. You can use other platforms such as Vimeo, Twitch, Metacafe, Dailymotion, etc., or create your own video streaming website.

However, starting VAM on YouTube gives you the best results because of its popularity. Every day more than 120 million people watch videos on YouTube.

After choosing a niche, start a YouTube channel. Then sign up to affiliate networks, get affiliate links, create videos, promote affiliate products in the videos, and include affiliate links in the description. This is how you can do video affiliate marketing.

VAM is an exciting job, unlike blog affiliate marketing (which is boring). Moreover, you can grow your VAM business much faster because VAM is less competitive compared to BAM.

If you start a blog and a YouTube channel at the same time and monetize both with affiliate marketing, you’ll start to get sales much faster on the YouTube channel. Also, it takes less time to create content, capture videos, and edit them than writing long blog posts.

However, in the long term, BAM can turn into a multimillion or even multi-billion business which is not the case with VAM.

In contrast, the conversion rate in VAM is lower. When you promote a product in a video users may directly go to the merchant’s website & buy the product instead of using your affiliate links from the description.

Video affiliate marketing requires good presentation skills along with video editing skills. If you don’t hesitate to face the camera and have good presentation & editing skills, VAM is for you.

#3 Social Media Affiliate Marketing (SMAM)

Affiliate Marketing that is done through social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram, online communities, and forums) is known as Social Media Affiliate Marketing, SMAM in short. Generally, influencers (those having a large number of followers) on social media prefer to use SMAM to earn money.

To do SMAM, you need to build an audience on any of the social media platforms. Getting followers is a bit harder for anyone who is starting from scratch and hasn’t any fan base on any platform. Creating viral content and running ads are the most popular ways of acquiring more followers.

However, the quality of the followers is more important than the number. For instance, if the majority of your followers are bloggers, you can easily sell them blogging-related products than if you have random followers.

Moreover, consistency is very important when it comes to SMAM. You need to keep your followers engage. You also need to make sure that you’re not irritating your audience by promoting irrelevant products. Similarly, promoting too often negatively affects the conversion rate.

If relevant products are promoted with the correct strategies, you can get quite a higher conversion rate.

If you are a real-world celebrity, you can use SMAM easily. Otherwise, you can use social media to bring traffic to your blog or YouTube channel and do affiliate marketing there. Starting SMAM from scratch with no previous reputation is not recommended for most people.

#4 Email Affiliate Marketing (EAM)

Affiliate marketing done through email is known as Email Affiliate Marketing, EAM in short. It has a higher conversion rate compared to the other types.

If you have an email list you can easily make money through affiliate marketing. You can use BAM with EAM. A blog can be used to collect the email addresses of a targeted audience.

People rarely buy something from a brand they hear the first time. But, they can easily give you their email address for something small in return. You could use various methods such as content upgrades, non-distracting popups, and freebies to get the visitors’ email addresses. Later, you can send them periodic emails and sell them your affiliate products.

If you’re getting regular visitors to your blog, it doesn’t cost you much to start EAM. It is a low-cost affiliate marketing with a higher return on investment. Anyone with a website can do it.

#5 Audio Affiliate Marketing (AAM)

 Affiliate marketing done through audio or podcasts is known as audio affiliate marketing, AAM in short. It may not have a higher conversion rate, but it can be done along with the other types to increase your income.

You can start podcasting in your blog and promote affiliate products in the audio and put the affiliate links in the audio description so that anyone interested in the products could buy them.

It takes the least time and effort to manage a podcast. You can use various podcast hosting services to host your audios. It also helps you to increase your network. You can invite others to your podcast or take interviews with influencers.

If you have a team you can combine all the 5 types of affiliate marketing and make BAM primary. But, if you are the only one working, you can use two or three of them or completely focus on a single one.

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